Xuelin Foundational Literacy Program

Laying a solid foundation in Chinese from a young age is ideal for your child to have the essential stepping stones required for success. Being equipped with basic building blocks of Chinese reading, writing, understanding and application skills, it can prepare them for more complex curriculums in Upper Primary, where they will be more likely to ace the Chinese exams

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Master Chinese Oral Exam - Xuelin Learning Hub

Master Chinese Oral Exam Techniques with XueLin’s ‘O’ Levels Oral Intensive Online Workshop

‘O’ Levels Chinese Oral Online Workshop for Secondary 3/4 Be familiarized with current affairs topics and undergo an intensive training of answering techniques by our Chinese tutor to excel in the national oral exam.

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Refine and Master Skills for All Sections of the PSLE Chinese Exam with XueLin’s Intensive P6 Crash Course

As many students do not read or speak Chinese in their daily life, they may find the language daunting — and even more so in view of the upcoming PSLE examinations.

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