Rui Zhe

When Rui Zhe joined XueLin in 2017, he was a withdrawn student who was often late to class, and displayed a poor attitude towards learning. However, the teaching team at XueLin encouraged him to step up, and showed him that it was possible to change and adopt a positive attitude towards learning.  It took time,

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Yan Zixin

XueLin has helped me tremendously. I joined in Primary 4, and it has helped me push my grades from failing numerous chinese essays to getting an A star during my PSLE and helping me develop an interest in Chinese. The teachers here are cheerful and patient, and they are encouraging to weaker students. The materials

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Choo Mae Sann

Attending classes at XueLin Learning Centre has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding and interest in Chinese!  Before XueLin, I disliked Chinese as I was always confused and never understood it.  However, with the help of patient and encouraging teachers such as 王老师, I am consistently improving and adapting well in school. 王老师’s unique

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