Are you confident with your Chinese composition skill? Discover the Five steps to quick fix your child’s composition writing.

  • The first impression counts! Everyone knows a good introduction is essential. But how? We need to memorize and write only a few lines but a must to reinforce the theme of the story. A definite conclusion, again, to strengthen the topic but with a different approach from the opening paragraph.
  • Develop the story/flow ( body of the composition).
  • The sequence of the story, always addressing the 5W (Who, What, When, Where and Why)  and How..
  • Memorize your child’s useful phrases or sentences. It is best to have your tutors to mark well, only then, let your child memorize those marked. Do not blindly memorize others’ vocabularies or paragraphs.
  • 2.5 pages of writing are the maximum! Keep the composition writing short is the key! Otherwise, time management will be compromised, and it is likely to have the script to be out of context.
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